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It is no coincidence that Peggy Chiu works as a coach with a holistic approach. Brought up in a westernised Anglican family steeped in Chinese traditions and values, she walks the talk of “being able to strike a good balance between her family, professional and business life.”

After graduating BA Honours in Social Geography, Peggy started her diversified career as a production assistant at Radio Hong Kong, making her one of the first female technicians in the English-speaking world. In spite of her success and popularity at the radio station, Peggy chose to follow her passion of “helping people to achieve” and went to work with the Hong Kong Social Welfare Department for over five years. There she pioneered with the support of her team, the “group and community approach” – a forward-looking social work concept that applied coaching practices to both the social work team and the underprivileged community it served; with clients attaining undreamed of independence and pride.

Attracted by Australia’s youthfulness and egalitarian ideals, Peggy and her husband migrated to Perth with their one-year old baby in 1976. Soon after, Peggy completed her postgraduate degree of Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration at the University of Western Australia and in 1978, was offered a position by the Department of Social Security before finishing her studies. There again, she practised her unique coaching approach to achieve groundbreaking results in improving the organisation’s customer care culture.

By 1987, after having devoted more than 14 years to social work in both Hong Kong and Australia, Peggy decided to take on the challenges of the business world. Guided by her ideals of wanting to increase the nation’s wealth and to generate job opportunities for Australians, she created businesses in import/export, wholesale and retail.

She helped raise awareness and alter the mindset of Australian business of the need to accommodate the requirement of international trading partners, that there was value in the trading of unique, high quality merchandise and that not only cheap merchandise would sell.

In 1992, sharing her husband’s vision, Peggy established Glendower Practice, a small but complex private mental health care and promotion clinic designed to produce maximum impact on the quality and range of mental health care in Western Australia. The clinic, now in its 16th year of operation enjoys an outstanding reputation.

Recognising the hiatus in service for clients who were not ill, but sought fulfilment of their potential, and for patients who had healed but wanted to go further in life, the next step Peggy took seemed only natural. Building on over 30 years of business experience and intensive formal training, Peggy started her professional, executive, business, and corporate coaching practice in 1998, as an extension arm to the Glendower Practice. Her real life insight into the business world and formal education in social behaviour skills, along with her British Hong Kong Chinese upbringing philosophies had given her a solid, tested and proven platform for her “signature” coaching style.

Looking back on her career, Peggy is most proud of having brought up two highly accomplished daughters in spite of her busy professional life and for having supported her husband’s vision, and remaining his faithful friend and companion for the past 30 years. She is also proud of having managed to take care of her parents and younger siblings regardless of the geographic distance between them. Peggy gets a great deal of satisfaction knowing she is able to help people achieve their personal and business goals. When asked how successful is she, she humbly admits that her clients’ and family’s achievements are the only true testimony of her own success.

International Coach Federation accreditationPeggy Chiu – Past Chair of ICF (International Coach Federation) Global Regulatory Committee, Past Leader in Ethics and Standards, ICFA (International Coach Federation Australasia.

A solid background

Master Certified Coach is the highest level of credentialing awarded by the International Coach Federation

In 2003, Peggy became the first person in Australia to achieve Master Certified Coach through the comprehensive credentialing protocol and examination of ICF exceeding requirements on all aspects and competence beyond mastery level

Peggy has delivered over 8,000 hours of coaching to clients, completed over 750 hours of coach-specific training and has been testified by scores of clients of the profound impact received from her coaching.