Taming those Tentacles while Moving the Octopus Forward

  • Eight hours face-to-face workshop in small group format (maximum 8 participants) plus 3 hours group follow-up via teleconference
  • Total 11 hours Coaching Core Competencies
  • Program accredited as CCE (Continuous Coach Education) Program by International Coach Federation and can be used to apply toward Coach-Specific Training requirements for an ICF Credential
  • Certificate issued on completion of total program hours (including follow up hours)


A Coaching Process Training Program. The ‘Octopus’ moves forward in the intended direction (coaching goals and direction); while allowing free flowing of the ‘tentacles’ in opening up various intricate layers and facets of the client’s scenario, challenges, interpretations, self-awareness, barriers and possibilities etc. The Octopus needs to steer all its tentacles through their twists and turns to disentangle their knots in moving towards its original intended direction.


Provide experiential, advanced training for developing and experienced coaches to learn and use a movement, mental and spatial-oriented as well as fun-induced methodology to expand, conduct and manage the coaching process.

Program focus

The focus is on practical skills, founded on theoretical concepts, model approaches and plenty of hands-on exercises and physical movements. The ultimate goal is to equip Coaches to have a new dimension in enhancing his / her Coaching Core Competency utilising this movement oriented, vivid process.

Target audience

Coaches, other professionals, HR staff and leaders in business and organisations, professional practitioners and individuals who are:

  • Interested in becoming Professional Coaches
  • Interested in learning how to conduct Coaching
  • Coaches who have completed some Coach Training
  • Coaches who want to enhance their initial skills
  • Leaders and Business Owners who will be using Coaching Approach in their work
  • Professionals who seek to gain and enhance their skills in conducting Coaching Conversations.

Program outline

A highly interactive, powerful and unique program:

  • Theoretical concepts
  • Coaching Fundamentals
  • The Octopus, the Tentacles and You
  • Coaching Process
  • Exercises and Practices
  • Further Development Action Planning
  • Follow-up on individual progress.


AUD $ 1,048.00 (+ 10% GST) = AUD$ 1,153.00

Program schedule

For date, location and time please refer to Peggy Chiu’s Upcoming Program Schedule.

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