We wish to thank all our clients who have sent in kind letters over the years. Should you require the full version of the letters’ excerpts provided below, please contact us and we’ll be happy to send you copies of those letters.

“I decided to approach Peggy for assistance through her coaching program, as I was attempting to determine what I would do ‘post-retirement’. I knew what I didn’t want to do (play golf and walk the dog), but had few clear concepts about the value and direction of my next thirty years.

Peggy and I have now worked on this for four months; and I am highly excited about the prospects of fulfilling self-employment in areas which I had thought beyond me. Through Peggy’s assessment tools, one-on-one debriefing, and coaching conversations, I have been able to focus in a structured fashion on my needs and aspirations and how my personal values fit these. I now have a strategic focus and plan which I am confident is of immense value to my future.

Peggy’s personal approach, together with her undoubted expertise in the coaching field, has made this both a pleasurable and productive exercise. Peggy has a lively personality and there have been times when her evident enthusiasm in respect of my future plans has appeared to exceed mine. Peggy has a ‘gift’ in her coaching ability; buttressed by her personal and technical skills. I am confident that she has helped me enormously, and am sure that she could similarly help others.”

Roger Plant, Ex-Returned Consultant

“After completing my personal assessment and debriefing with Peggy, I was absolutely taken aback by how thought- provoking it actually was. I found that I had suddenly opened my eyes and saw the real me. The accuracy of the assessment was quite scary, and the one on one coaching with Peggy was exactly the enlightenment that I needed. Peggy has a wonderful calming approach and has helped me to understand myself so much better. The coaching clinic that I attended with Peggy gave a toolkit to draw on in all situations, work and private related. This clinic is so powerful, and is so beneficial when used in all aspects of your life. Peggy has a fantastic “coach approach” which allows people to feel comfortable and express themselves without reservation …Thank You Peggy.”

Carol Hargreaves, Customer Service Engineer

“Peggy’s Coaching Clinic was just what I needed to get back into industry after many years at university. It was nothing like I’d ever done before; it was professional, but at the same time it allowed me to identify my personal strengths that had been long forgotten. Peggy is a gifted professional who has a remarkable and unique ability to guide people to perform at their best: at work and at play. The coaching work I did with Peggy was instrumental in preparing me for a new career in a new country. Peggy’s life experiences, her ability to listen and her seemingly unlimited knowledge of coaching techniques helped me to make critical decisions by myself, for myself. Coaching provided me with a simple set of skills to deal with the complexities of my world and that of my friends, family and colleagues. I am enormously grateful to Peggy for sharing her knowledge with me and taking the time to help me bring out the best in myself.”

Elizabeth Jackson, PhD Lecturer

“Peggy conducted the College’s Group Coaching Program during a 6-month time period in 2001 for 11 staff members who make up the Senior Administration Team.  The coaching format involved staff in group, small group and individual sessions designed to develop transferable skills and address personal/ professional goals.  Peggy often went well beyond reasonable expectation to support and encourage staff during and after the structured program.  She provided thorough documentation and communication concerning the planning, implementation and evaluation of the program. Peggy has demonstrated outstanding business ethics and impeccable personal integrity.”

Dr Ian P M Lambert, Principal BA, Grad Dip T (Griffith), MA (London), PhD (Cambridge), MACE

“Peggy Chiu’s executive coaching provided me creative ways and new ideas on how to approach my work. It enhanced effective communication with the people I dealt with including staff and customers and made me think of innovative ways to approach my business and my clients.”

David McDonald, Solicitor Managing Partner

“Though it may be hard to believe you have now been my coach for 16 months – what a 16 months it has been! I am thrilled with where my life is heading. I am experiencing fulfillment, achievement, happiness and hope that is greater than ever before. You have an excellent way of balancing between guiding your clients to find their own solutions and providing them with insights into lessons, you have learned yourself from your vast experience. I am grateful to have you Peggy as a coach, as you have greatly assisted me in making all my goals and dreams possible. I know that I would not be where I am today without your guidance. ”

Miriam Blakemore, B. App.Sc (OT)

“One of Peggy’s greatest assets is her passion for her work. This is infectious and energizing for her clients and drives her to continually develop herself. Peggy openly states her core values of high quality, integrity and grace and I have been privileged to observe and experience her modeling these as a friend, a colleague and a coach. As a professional, Peggy is highly qualified, skilled and experienced in a range of disciplines. I know that Peggy strives for nothing less than excellence, and in doing so, achieves it.”

Inger Russell, Director / Consultant Grad Dip HRD, BA, Dip Nursing

“My weekly Saturday morning phone call to Peggy has become a time that I look forward to with anticipation. We discuss the events of my week and what I see as my successes and opportunities for improvement. I find these times rewarding in that Peggy is always there to support and guide me. Her quiet manner guides me in such a way that I solve my own problems and provide my own strategies for moving ahead. We discuss everything from budgeting and staffing to motivating and supporting staff. One of the most important things that I find from these interactions is that complete honesty regarding my thoughts and feelings provides the best avenue for my learning and growth.”

Annette Watts, Health Services Manager Darwin

“I have found Peggy to be a coach in the true sense of the word. Rather than dictate what I do or answer my own questions for me she has firmly guided me to find my own answers and in doing so, I not only have continuously found answers, but I understand the answers and their value. She has a large arsenal of tools at her disposal to help develop the required skills or understanding and a broad yet detailed understanding of both personal and business issues ensuring that my path towards my business and personal goals has been continuous and focused.”

Marc Diffen, Managing Director

“Peggy Chiu’s coaching enables development of personal tools for fast tracking of achievements. It is a methodology that is applicable to both group leadership and personal achievement. Understanding individual differences in style and perspectives become an enjoyable art. The coaching process facilitates identification of goals, acknowledgement of obstacles and negotiation towards clear outcomes.”

Managing Director of a business and professional in background

Other clients who have benefited from Peggy Chiu’s coaching in their business, professional and personal lives include:

  • Julie Glanville, a School Principal
  • Judi Errey, a Medical Practitioner
  • Lina Cipollini, Proprietor of Bravos Restaurant and Café Navona