Initial Coaching Program for Supervisors

  • Eight hours face-to-face workshop in small group format (maximum 8 participants) plus 3 hours group follow-up via teleconference
  • Total 11 hours Coaching Core Competencies
  • Program accredited as CCE (Continuous Coach Education) Program by International Coach Federation and can be used to apply toward Coach-Specific Training requirements for an ICF Credential
  • Certificate issued on completion of total program hours (including follow up hours)


More increasingly, the community is looking at utilizing coaching services and methodology to change, grow, transform and problem-solve. It is a natural progression that the community wants to find out our assured standards, quality of work and recognized, guaranteed level of professionalism and integrity. If we have a consistent continued practice and commitment, we will have a strong backbone to ensure our utmost professionalism. A continuous practised “Coach Supervision” is a powerful, effective way to achieve these goals. Coach Supervision requires extra, different skills and mind-set. It is of vital importance that supervisors gain specific training and support to carry out this role effectively and professionally.


Provide initial training for experienced coaches to gain necessary knowledge and skills to provide coach supervision to less experienced coaches;

Program focus

The focus is on Professional Practice skills and competencies rather than Business Development. However, we take the view that good professional practice will lead to increased business and referrals.

Program outline

Highly interactive and individual-specific:

  • Theoretical basis
  • Models and approaches
  • Issues of relevance
  • Case studies, demos, role-plays and practice

Target audience

Coaches who have:

  • Completed coach training of about 80 hours
  • Gained or in process of obtaining ACC or above
  • Two to three years of practice experience
  • Committed to support and “supervise” newcomers
  • Delivered about 100 hours of client coaching


AUD $1,048.00 (+ 10% GST) = AUD $1,153.00

Program schedule

For date, location and time please refer to Peggy Chiu’s Upcoming Program Schedule.

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