What our Coaching Clinic™ participants are saying

“… a great tool for developing self and my corporate team … coaching can and does work! … now able to re-focus on individuals and understand my own shortcomings in relation to others … what I liked most about the program: a great team, no threat and gentle guidance … will apply the skills learned immediately in corporate personal development, self improvement and team building.” Dr Peter Pratten, CEO — CAPEL VALE WINES

“… learned how to apply a coaching model to the work place … other people can have similar core values, but have very different behavioural styles … realised that I am not alone with my life struggles … the model and networking were most useful … Peggy facilitated the program to bring individuals out of their shell … will apply new skills learned immediately to understand myself better, help my father (the CEO) with business decisions, help myself to make better business decisions.” Simon Pratten, Executive Officer, Human Resources Director and National Sales Director – CAPEL VALE WINES

“After completing my personal assessment and debriefing with Peggy, I was absolutely taken aback by how thought- provoking it actually was. I found that I had suddenly opened my eyes and saw the real me. The accuracy of the assessment was quite scary, and the one on one coaching with Peggy was exactly the enlightenment that I needed. Peggy has a wonderful calming approach and has helped me to understand myself so much better. The coaching clinic that I attended with Peggy gave a toolkit to draw on in all situations, work and private related. This clinic is so powerful, and is so beneficial when used in all aspects of your life. Peggy has a fantastic “coach approach” which allows people to feel comfortable and express themselves without reservation …Thank You Peggy.”Carol Hargreaves, Customer Service Engineer, TAC PACIFIC PTY LTD

“… coaching can move things along quickly if a sound model is used … the Coaching Conversation Model is most useful to me and my organisation … liked the program because the participants were generous in sharing their experiences, they were supportive and provided useful feedback … have gained insights into my personal coaching styles, learned some new skills, which will allow myself to meet challenges.” Inger Russell, Director – AMTAS PTY LTD

“… a great Conversation Model to use in a wide variety of contexts and relationships … realised my needs to understand others’ styles, so I can avoid and/or adapt situations to lessen frustration / impatience … enjoyed the way the program was implemented … will apply skills learned with potential leaders to help them grow, in specific areas when dealing with staff issues, with whole staff (discreetly) when trying to move forward as a team to a desired goal.” Valerie Campbell, Principal – MIDLAND CHRISTIAN COLLEGE, Swan Christian Education Association

“… learned the need to flex to others’ styles while coaching and that values are the glue that holds the group together… the program was fun and very active … will apply the skills immediately to improve staff relations, conflict resolution, coach myself in career planning, etc.” Dr Dean Klimcank – ARMADALE HEALTH SERVICES

“… learned a process and tools to incorporate / integrate into my current experience, approach and values … realised the power of coaching in such a diversity of situations … the Coaching Conversation Model and gaining a greater understanding of different coaching / coachee styles was most useful to me and my organisation … the program was very interactive with opportunities to practise, test and discuss continually and the program framework allowed flexibility.” Jack Busch – EXECUTIVE COACH

“… learned to apply a number of skills in leading others, that many of the skills I have will now be enhanced by utilizing the model … following the model in dealing with people and their needs … the open sharing group sessions and reflections opened my mind.” Terry Meyers, Principal – MUNDARING CHRISTIAN COLLEGE

“I know I can do this and add value … I can see the ‘gaps’ now and know strategy to reduce them … the participants were dynamic! Great group, great venue, great place in which to learn.” Pam Boesenberg, Director – SEECHANGE DEVELOPING POTENTIAL

“… developed knowledge skills in coaching and an added understanding of corporate / group coaching … realised that people are open and want to improve themselves … most people will appreciate a coaching experience … the practice of coaching in a variety of situations with different people of different styles was most useful … the program facilitates the willingness of all participants to actively be involved.” Len Payne, Board Member and Surveyor and Senior Health Executive – ACHS (Australian Council of Health Services)